It took a village to launch this website.

I’ve received a lot of help for this Restore Lilac Way project, from launching the first website in 2007 to this expanded web site in 2018. Thanks to everyone for their support.

Karen Laukkonen  |  Laukkonen Design

Big thanks to

  • Minnesota Historical Society
  • Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog
  • All my friends and neighbors for their endless support
  • Brittany P.L. and the Westwood girls for their Lilac Way enthusiasm and park cleanup efforts
  • Mary Herfurth for being the website ‘off-site testing station’ and photo gallery user tester
  • The beloved little furry four-legged Finney, who was so neglected while the website was researched, designed, written, edited, created and proofed for three long months (almost 2 years in Finney-time.)