This dedicated group deserves more than just our thanks and a logo.

Graeser Park has been under the proud volunteer stewardship of the Robbinsdale Lions Club since 2008.

Joined by an army of volunteers, they are bringing Graeser Park back to life—proving the community still cares about this historic Lilac Way park.

Now, they’re waiting for MnDOT to transfer the Park’s ownership title to Robbinsdale. Once that happens, they hope a restoration process will begin.



If you can see a stone path in Graeser Park today, it’s because a Robbinsdale Lion uncovered it.

The Graeser Park Angels will be back in 2019 for more cleanup.

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Gathering 3-4 times a summer, these volunteers have
  • removed, treated and managed invasive buckthorn by Rock Garden flagstone steps (with help from City Forester Stephan Papiz)
  • created open vistas so you can see the stone ‘Rock Garden’ from Broadway Avenue to raise awareness of this historical park
  • removed weeds and overgrowth in stonework
  • mowed grass
  • cleaned up debris
  • removed tree stumps

June 16, 2015. Volunteers work to restore Graeser Park. A group of volunteers is trying to preserve history. Includes interview with Kent Brun. Length – 1:54

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Kent Brun, Robbinsdale Lions Club

“That’s our goal, to have this thing restored. We just know it’s going to cost money to do it. People from all over would come here, specifically for this park, just to have a Sunday afternoon picnic.

The beehive is very characteristic of these parks, and we are thankful that it is still available. There are so many details to be worked on, and we just haven’t scratched the surface yet.”