Meet the Graeser Park Angels.

It will take a village to restore Lilac Way’s historical 1939 Graeser Park in Robbinsdale, MN.

It features one of only two beehive fireplaces left in the U.S., and the only one in its original location. It’s a national treasure that  desperately needs to be restored.

Become a Graeser Park Angel, and be a part of history.

What are the Graeser Park Angels?

A group of passionate and enthusiastic volunteers with one goal—to raise community awareness and funding to preserve and restore Graeser Park.

How can I become a Graeser Park Angel?

Help us raise awareness.

These groups encourage the City of Robbinsdale to save—and restore—Graeser Park.

MnDOT has started the title transfer process. When complete, Graeser Park will be owned by the City of Robbinsdale.

We support a community effort to save this park, so it can once again be a vital part of Robbinsdale.

Key Organizations

Robbinsdale Lions Club
Robbinsdale Historical Society
The City of Robbinsdale
Restore Lilac Way by Laukkonen Design

Key Individuals

Karen Laukkonen

Kent Brun

Robbinsdale Lions Club

Jeannine ‘Niner’ McDonald

Robbinsdale Lions Club

Renee Buchanan

Robbinsdale Lions Club

John Zieba

Robbinsdale Lions Club

Colleen Patterson

Robbinsdale Lions Club

Kristi Gibson

Robbinsdale Historical Society

Diane Jacobson McGee

Robbinsdale Historical Society

David Krussow

Robbinsdale Historical Society

Carol Ahlgren

Architectural Historian

Mark Mueske

Bridge Office, Construction Liaison at MnDOT