Graeser Park videos.

Learn Lilac Way history to get the big picture. Watch a few here, or see more on our YouTube channel.

First, watch the documentary that inspired this website.

2001. “Highway 100 – Lilac Way” documentary. The film that inspired this website, Mn/DOT and TPT created this documentary film to record historic Lilac Way artifacts before they were lost to road construction.

It tells the story of the lilacs sold by the Golden Valley Garden Club to raise money, the MN Highway Department (now MnDOT), the Federal government and their collaborative effort to create a place that was more than just a highway. It was a destination. Length: 27:06

Graeser Park Videos |  Robbinsdale, MN

August 8, 2019. Interviewing Graeser Park’s hardworking Jeannine ‘Niner’ McDonald, this CCX story profiles the Robbinsdale Lions Club’s efforts to maintain Graeser Park and also shows SLP’s restored beehive in Lilac Park. Thanks CCX! Length – 1:18

September 26, 2018. News story about the presentation made by Kristi Gibson, Lion Kent Brun and Karen Laukkonen/Restore Lilac Way at the Robbinsdale Historical Society. We presented info about Graeser Park and Lilac Way history at their membership meeting. Thanks, CCX Media! Length – 1:08

September 1, 2018. Sweeping from the bandshell on North end to beehive fireplace on South end of Lilac Way’s Graeser Park in Robbinsdale, MN. Built in 1939, this is one of only two beehive fireplaces left in the U.S. The stairs leading to the Rock Garden are behind the beehive. Length – 0:27

August 28, 2018. Great story about the Robbinsdale Lions Club’s efforts to maintain Graeser Park from CCX Media. Uses some photos from this website, thanks CCX! Length – 0:24

August 25, 2018. Graeser Park. The Graeser Park Beehivers cleanup day. An amazing group of volunteers cleans, weeds and provides TLC to this historic 1939 Lilac Way park. One of seven parks built during the Great Depression, it has one of only two ‘beehive fireplaces’ left in the U.S. Big shout out to Kent Brun and the Robbinsdale Lions, who have been maintaining this park since 2010. Length – 0:21

August 25, 2018. Graeser Park. This beehive fireplace in Robbinsdale, MN is one of only two beehive fireplaces left in the U.S. Built in 1939, Graeser Park was one of seven Lilac Way roadside parks created as one of the largest federal projects in MN. Only 12.5 miles long, it was built in 1934-41 as one of FDR’s Works Project Administration (WPA) projects during the Great Depression. Graeser Park needs to be saved. Length – 1:18

June 28, 2018. Graeser Park in Robbinsdale. Kent Brun arranged this interview with spunky Helen Deysher and her sister Marion Erickson, who grew up in the house right next to Graeser Park in the 1930s. Their dad was friends with Carl Graeser. Thanks to Neil Pursley at CCX Media! Great little piece of history. Length – 2:18

July 25, 2018. While the Robbinsdale Lions and the Graeser Park Beehivers volunteered to clean up the Rock Garden area of the park, I swept and weeded the limestone area known as the ‘Bandshell’. The Robbinsdale Historical Society is presenting the Old Log Theatre’s ‘Beehive’ inn Graeser Park on Tuesday, Sept. 4th at 6:45pm! More to do but I plan to be done by the day of the show. The performers will be singing in this area. Length – 0:45

June 16, 2015. Volunteers work to restore Robbinsdale park. A group of volunteers is trying to preserve history in Robbinsdale. Kent Brun and others are hoping to restore a rundown park that was once a destination spot. Length – 1:54

Nov. 8, 2013. Graffiti creates eyesore on historic Robbinsdale structure. Beehive was tagged with spray paint, so disappointing. Northwest Community TV. Length – 0:49

Lilac Way History

2015. Highway 100 has rich history. Short and sweet video about Highway 100’s history. Includes footage of Graeser Park and interview with Jamie Korf, AAA spokeswoman. Length – 2:26

2001. History of ‘Lilac Way’ in Golden Valley, MN. Features incredible archived footage as it documents Highway 100 in Golden Valley, MN. Length – 13:36

1999. Gateway. Documentary of destruction of Gateway District in Minneapolis, MN. Frequented by the homeless and targeted by “urban renewal’, these were the men who helped build Lilac Way on the WPA Program. Length – 9:05

Graeser Park video playlist