Roadside Parks of Lilac Way

Designed for a simpler time, these roadside parks drew people in— pulling off Highway 100, visitors roasted hot dogs, played games and enjoyed a picnic.

Designed by landscape architect Arthur Nichols, they had a rustic design, beehive-shaped fireplaces and Fred Flintstone-style picnic tables. Learn more

Original Lilac Way Parks, 1939-41

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There were seven original Lilac Way parks—Graeser North, Graeser South, Blazer, Glenwood, Lilac (original), Roadside on Hwy 7, and Excelsior Boulevard.

RESTORED: Lilac Park (formerly Roadside Park), St. Louis Park, MN

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The pride of St. Louis Park, the original ‘Roadside Park’ now features the moved-and-restored beehive fireplace from Minnetonka Boulevard, a council ring, and five stone picnic tables. It is now well-used, and well-loved.

NEEDS TO BE RESTORED: Graeser Park, Robbinsdale MN

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Once the largest of the Lilac Way parks, Graeser Park is once again taking center stage. A growing community supports effort to preserve and restore this beloved park. The beehive fireplace is one of only two in the U.S., and the only one in its original location.

NEEDS TO BE PRESERVED: Rock Island (AKA Monkey Island) North end of original Lilac Park, St. Louis Park, MN

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This wonderful rock garden is all that remains of the original Lilac Park on Minnetonka Boulevard. Located on the north end of the park, there is a growing movement to preserve it. We want this piece of history to be part of our community again.

LOST: Blazer Park, Golden Valley, MN

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Blazer Park was located on the west side of Highway 100, between Highway 55 and Lilac Drive North. A large 3-acre park, it had 300+ lilac bushes and was razed for road construction.

LOST: Lilac Park (original), South end only, Minnetonka Boulevard, St. Louis Park, MN

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BEEHIVE SAVED AND MOVED: The beehive fireplace and picnic table from this park on were saved and moved before the South end of this park was razed for road construction.

LOST: Excelsior Boulevard Park, St. Louis Park, MN

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Unsafe road conditions led to this park’s removal in 1969. We feel lucky to have found seven images.

LOST: Glenwood Avenue Park, St. Louis Park, MN

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Lost to road construction in 1959, this park had picnic tables and low fireplaces.

LOST: Graeser Park SOUTH, Robbinsdale, MN

Information about this park is scarce, but we found a few photos. Like the main Graeser Park NORTH, it had a beehive fireplace. It also had a council ring.