RENEWED: Lilac Park (formerly St. Louis Park Roadside Park)

This Lilac Way success story includes saving and relocating the beehive fireplace and picnic table from the old ‘Lilac Park’ on Minnetonka Boulevard to this park.

After the City of St. Louis Park, MN completed a project to revive the park, its name was changed to Lilac Park to honor that lost park. Read more

St. Louis Park Roadside Park, before renewal and renaming to Lilac Park, 1964 and 2007

The original park did not have a beehive, just picnic tables, a council ring and a crumbling trash container. The beehive fireplace was moved here in 2008.

Lilac Park, renewed, Spring/Summer 2021

We saw a couple of bucks near the park! Lots of lilacs, blooming crabapples. Plan your picnic now.

Lilac Park, renewed, Spring 2020

Blooming lilacs, crabapples drew many visitors to this historic 1939 park.

Lilac Park in 2019, 10 years after renewal

Celebrating a decade of beauty and history. The City of St. Louis Park, Minnesota and partners spent two years renewing this piece of Lilac Way’s story.

Lilac Park, renewed, December 2019

Even in winter, this Lilac Way park looks amazing.

Follow the renewal process

Moving a historic beehive fireplace

One of only two beehive fireplaces left in the U.S., the beehive at the original Lilac Park on Minnetonka Boulevard was carefully and lovingly moved, saving it from demolition.

Lilac Park renewal process, 2008-09

See how they delivered the beehive fireplace, renewed the tables and landscaped this original 1939 Lilac Way park.

Lilac Park Grand Opening, 2009

Thoughtfully saved, Lilac Park is again part of history. Renovated in 2009, it celebrated Lilac Way’s 70th Anniversary, and St. Louis Park had a grand opening event.

Lilac Park, renewed, 2009

A dedicated group of people spent two years working to renovate this historical Lilac Way park.

Lilac Way Signage

Renewed Lilac Park‘s new informational and wayfinding signage tells the story of Lilac Way, and guides visitors to the park from the Southwest Regional bike trail. Includes proposed signage for Highway 100.

Nordic Ware exhibit features renewed Lilac Park

‘Nordic Ware: The Art & Science of the Bundt’ exhibit at Norway House featured their dedication to Lilac Park.