Preservation, restoration and revival of three Lilac Way parks is underway.

Graeser Park in Robbinsdale was beautifully restored by MnDOT’s Historic Roadside Property Program during 2021-2023.

Lilac Park in St. Louis Park was revived in 2008-2009, featuring a rare beehive fireplace saved from demolition. As of 2023, we are waiting for the City of St. Louis Park to vote to save Rock Island Park in St. Louis Park.


RESTORED: Graeser Park in Robbinsdale, MN 2021-2023

The community was thrilled to see the beloved beehive fireplace restored, and 11 picnic tables built using salvaged stone from dismantled Lilac Way parks. Environmental Associates Inc. (EAI) sent their ‘A-Team’ to restore this historic 1930s park. A dream come true.

Constructing the 11 picnic tables and table pads

MnDOT’s experienced contractor Environmental Associates Inc. (EAI) rebuilt 10 of the 11 picnic tables using salvaged stone from dismantled Lilac Way parks. The salvaged stone was retrieved from MnDOT’s Beehive Graveyard (MnDOT salvaged the stone when they razed three parks in 2000 for road construction). The tables were installed and 10 table pads were restored.

Graeser Park, Oct. 7th and 20th, 2021 – MnDOT’s preservation project

These photos were taken in Graeser Park on Oct. 7th and 20th to document the park’s restoration progress. MnDOT contractor Environmental Associates Inc. (eai) has done a wonderful job of bringing this historic Lilac Way park back to life. The beehive fireplace was power-washed, three picnic tables bases were installed and 10 table pads were restored.

RESTORED: Lilac Park, 2009

A beehive saved, a historic park restored and a big Grand Opening in 2009.

Maintaining Graeser Park in hopes of restoration

The Robbinsdale Lions Club and the Graeser Park Beehivers have volunteered their time and energy since 2010, cleaning and weeding to bring this park back to life.

Lilac Park restoration process

See how the park came together with restoration and new landscaping.

Moving a historic beehive fireplace

One of only two beehive fireplaces left in the U.S., the beehive at the original Lilac Park on Minnetonka Boulevard was carefully and lovingly moved, saving it from demolition.

Lilac Park Grand Opening

The City of St. Louis Park had a lovely ceremony and party to welcome the community to this restored Lilac Way park.

Lilac Park Preservation and Restoration • 2008-2009