LOST: Lilac Park (original), Minnetonka Blvd., St. Louis Park, MN

This park’s beehive fireplace and picnic table were moved in 2008 to another Lilac Way park on Highway 7.

The south end of this park was then razed for road construction, leaving only Rock Island on the north end of the park. Learn more.

Lilac Park (Minnetonka Blvd.), 1939-42

Picnic tables and a beehive fireplace made this a popular Lilac Way park.

Moving the Beehive Fireplace from Lilac Park (Minnetonka Blvd.), 2008

After a concerted local effort, the beehive fireplace was carefully moved, saving it from demolition.

Lilac Park (Minnetonka Blvd.), 2007

The beehive fireplace, picnic table and ‘Rock Island’ were still visible from Highway 100.

Lilac Park (Minnetonka Blvd.), 2005

John McHugh at the City of St. Louis Park shared these pictures with us.

Lilac Park (Minnetonka Blvd.), 2004

These photos show the beehive fireplace, picnic tables and Rock Island (aka Monkey Island).