Golden Valley Garden Club and Lilac Festivals

This community-focused garden club was instrumental in Lilac Way. Traffic still drives past their lilacs on Highway 100 today. Learn more

The Golden Valley Garden Club

In the late 1930’s, they sold 8,000 lilac bushes and peonies roots for 15 cents each, raising funds for lilacs along Lilac Way and blocked off Highway 100 for a Lilac Time Parade.

Lilac Way display, Golden Valley Historical Society Museum

This stunning new museum has a lovely display devoted to Lilac Way.

Lilac Festivals

“The Garden Club decided to have a Lilac Time Parade, and we invited the schools and all different organizations in Golden Valley, anybody who was interested to be in the parade. They blocked off Highway 100 from Glenwood Avenue to Golden Valley Road, no traffic at all. And the kids came with their bicycles all decorated up, and the Garden Club had wheelbarrows full of lilacs.

Several people carried lilacs, it was really quite an affair. We had 1,200 people for the first parade. They had a place where you could buy hot dogs, and so forth, and that was a hit too. And we really had a good time.” Ruth Thorness, Former Golden Valley Garden Club President