Lilac Way History Research and Resources

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Lilac Way was a historic section of Highway 100, located west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Just 12.5 miles, it was built in 1934-41 as one of FDR’s Works Project Administration (WPA) projects during the Great Depression.

It had seven roadside parks with ‘beehive’ fireplaces, stone picnic tables and rustic landscaping.

Today, only two parks remain, and a section of a third. Robbinsdale’s Graeser Park was beautifully restored to historic standards by MnDOT from 2021-23.

Roadside Park near Highway 7 in St. Louis Park was renewed and renamed Lilac Park.

Rock Island Park in St. Louis Park is all that remains of the old Lilac Park near Minnetonka Boulevard, and is now owned by the city of St. Louis Park.

This photo gallery shows workers from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) building Highway 100’s Lilac Way during the 1930s.

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