Highway and Transportation Research and Resources

Includes the Minnesota Highway Department and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). Sources are added as they are discovered.

Robert O. Langguth photograph album. Donated to MnDOT by Jim Newland, contains 122 pages of 290 black and white photos of MnDOT crews on road and bridge projects from about 1930-1960. The album belonged to R. O. “Bob” Langguth, who worked at MnDOT from 1930-1969. Amazing photos of early road construction, including MnDOT’s Hopkins office that designed the Lilac Way beehive fireplaces! Photo of Carl Graeser on p. 12. Pages 18-19 show Hopkins office workers.

Restore Lilac Way has collected many MnDOT Documents in one place—Lilac Way Inventories from 1964 and 1997, Gemini Research reports, and MnDOT reports.

Miller, Hugh. 1968. “TH 100 Construction in Progress.” Discusses Excelsior Boulevard intersection redesign, but doesn’t mention Excelsior Blvd. Park, which was removed for this construction. MnDOT’s Minnesota Highways, Summer 1968.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has a Research Services & Library. Here is the search page. (Not sure what is viewable to public.)

Morris, Michael T., Thesis (M.A.) University of Wisconsin, River Falls. 1990. “Before the Interstate: The Minnesota Highway Department from 1921 – 1956.”  MnDOT Library.

MnDOT. 2020. “Minnesota’s Historic Trunk Highways – Explore the history of the roadways.” Minnesota’s Trunk Highways tell an important part of our state’s history. A national leader in road building, better roads helped Minnesota expand some of our state’s most important economic drivers, including industry, farming, and tourism and opened safe travel throughout the state. Well-designed web site, easy to read.