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Twin Cities Public Television, Inc. Highway 100: Lilac Way (video), documentary video. 2001.

Video Transcripts

TPT’s Highway 100: Lilac Way documentary, 2001. PDF, 929kb

Print publications (PDF)

Highway 100: Minnesota’s First Freeway Once Known As ‘Beltline’ & ‘Lilac Way’. Author Joe Sullivan. City of Edina About Town Magazine. Pages 6-11. PDF 1.3MB

Problem Solving for Environmental Change. The City of Fridley, MN. 12.14.2015. PDF 3.8MB

Highway 100, Then and Now. AAA Live/Play magazine, May/June 2015. PDF 5.2MB


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Mn Dot Library Catalog, Minnesota Department of Transportation This is searchable. reflections.mndigital.org

Lilac Way: Showcase of the Belt Line, 10.17.2014. ForgottenMinnesota.com

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The Beehives of Highway 100, Twin Cities. HighwayHighlights.com

Budburst.org. Uncovers the stories of how plants are affected by a changing client.

Final Surviving Remnants of the Original Lilac Way in St Louis Park. 9.14.2014. DeadPioneer.com

MN Trunk Highway (TH) 100 Reconstruction, Glenwood Avenue to North of 50th Avenue North, Hennepin County: Environmental Impact. 1998

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MnDOT Historic Roadside Development Structures Inventories

Excelsior Boulevard Roadside Parking Area in St. Louis Park and the Glenwood Avenue Roadside Parking Area were razed before MnDOT’s inventories were completed in November of 1997.