“I had some of my best childhood school memories of Graeser Park when as a kid we would walk several blocks down West Broadway in Robbinsdale from Sacred Heart Catholic Grade School for our annual end-of-school picnic in early June from 1957-1965.

We always had a lot of fun but we kids called it “Glacier Park” because we didn’t know better.

Graeser Park is just a small sample of what it was. The Highway 100 freeway project and freeway wall took most of it along with most of the beautiful-smelling purple lilac bushes along Highway 100 in Robbinsdale. Progress!”

Submitted 3.9.2019


Restore Lilac Way comment:

Many people still call it “Glacier Park” but Graeser Park in Robbinsdale was named for Chief Highway Engineer Carl Graeser. Dedicated in 1939, it was Lilac Way’s largest roadside park.

Carl Graeser supervised the building of Graeser Park while living at 4225 Unity Avenue North.