“I grew up in Golden Valley and “Lilac Way” was a big part of my childhood. Our family home from 1922 to 1968 was close to downtown Robbinsdale, but for whatever reason we didn’t visit Graeser Park during my childhood, and I don’t remember knowing about it until I was grown and married and living in Robbinsdale.

My first memory of visiting Graeser Park is from 1981, when my daughter was five years old. My in-laws, who lived in Crystal, took us there for a picnic, and I was blown away to discover this magical, hidden place with water flowing down a rock wall into a pond. So close to the highway we traveled so often, yet so otherworldly and seemingly ancient. A wonderful, warm memory of a sweet summertime adventure!”

Submitted 11.4.2018

Restore Lilac Way comment:

Kristi Gibson is a Board Member of the Robbinsdale Historical Society, and organizer of the amazing “Meet me at the Beehive” event series. Here’s a photo album of these events. She has done an AMAZING job of raising awareness for Graeser Park. We are all so grateful for her dedication to Graeser Park.