“I flew back to MSP for my Dad’s 80th birthday. My plan for weeks was that once I was in my rental car, I was going to take my husband to Graeser Park to check out your preservation efforts. I was probably 10-12 years old the last time I set foot in the park. I was looking forward to my “homecoming” tour. It was like walking back into my childhood home.

Memories flooded back….. Mrs. Amudson’s 3rd grade class did a field trip from Cavanagh Elementary to Graeser Park one day. The kitchen ladies packed us peanut butter sandwiches in paper sacks, and we sat at the stone tables and had lunch. We were told to stay away from the water in the two ponds.

All this flooded back the minute I set foot in the park. Plus family outings….picnics mostly. Riding my bike with my friends on our way to downtown Robbinsdale to buy cookies from Braun’s. I’m sad to know that the new informational signage had to be removed, but trust me……my HEART could lead the way to that park! It was wonderful seeing my childhood stomping grounds again.

Thank you for all that you and your group have done. What you all are doing cannot be measured in $$$. Love never can.

Submitted 8.28.2020