Robbinsdale Historical Society, Graeser Park Restoration & Preservation

A former Robbinsdale resident, Kristi learned that the lower area of Graeser Park was being cared for and improved by the Robbinsdale Lions and other volunteers.Upon visiting Graeser for the first time in many years, she was sad to see the unique beehive fireplace in a perilous state, and so decided to join the effort to save and restore Graeser.

In 2018 she launched “Meet me at the Beehive,” an event series to raise awareness for this historic park. Events included yoga, painting, monarch butterfly workshops and even ‘Beehive at the Beehive’, a show featuring stars from the Old Log Theatre’s production of “Beehive: The Musical.”

Now a Board Member of the Robbinsdale Historical Society, she and others are supporting the restoration and preservation of the original picnic tables and the beehive fireplace for future generations.